No Ear Tubes for My Three Year Old.

Dr. Brintwood, thank you for saving my three year old from getting ear tubes! After just six gentle adjustments, our pediatrician had to cancel our daughter’s surgery as her hearing had returned and the fluid had completely drained from her ears. Wayne & Christy W.

No More Pain Pills…

Prior to your treatment I was taking two pain pills a day, you are a wonderfully qualified chiropractor who has provided ongoing lasting low back pain relief. You treat your patients with genuine respect and love, Richard O.

Thanks for Getting My Life Back.

My back pain was so debilitating I had to lie flat on my back for weeks. I could not work. I tried countless professionals, injections and scheduled back surgery. The moment I met Dr. Brintwood I knew she was different. She asked questions none of the other MD’s, pain specialists, neurologists, orthopedists, and therapists had asked. Within three months I was in better shape and health than before I entered her office. As a young man, I truly have my life back! Erick I.

I Feel 100% Better…

Dr. Brintwood is the most awesome person and doctor ever! I was able to get an 85% correction in my low back as evidenced by X-ray! Nick H.

Dr. Brintwood’s adjustments keep me moving without Pain!

I am now much more active than I have been in years! Elaine K.

My Neuro-Surgeon Gave Me No Hope!

I had suffered from headaches for a very long time. My neuro surgeon put me on many different medications that did not take them away. I also had severe left shoulder pain that prevented me from moving without agony. Now-no more headaches and I have full use of both arms with no more pain. It does not get any better than Dr. B. Bill S.

Headaches for As Long As I Can Remember…

I now feel so much less stress and no more headaches. I can now play with my two year old son and I feel great! Angela L.